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Back - Dietz, Willis. Front - Measures, Ameri, Alaateeqi.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is an international technical/professional organization dedicated to the advancement of technology associated with the recovery of energy resources from well bores. It is one of the largest technical/professional associations in the world with more than 60,000 members residing in more than 67 countries. Through a vast array of SPE programs, ranging from publications to international and regional conferences to section meetings, new technical information and technology are exchanged among Society members and other industry professionals.

WVU-SPE Student chapter is the official organization for the petroleum engineering students at West Virginia University. We are committed to excellence as well as making the department a happier place. Each student chapter is represented by a faculty sponsor, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and any other officers deemed necessary by the chapter. Before the end of each academic year the WVU-SPE Student Chapter hold a elections and welcomes new leaders to the helm of the chapter.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in becoming member of the SPE, please contact one of the SPE Student Chapter Officers.

SPE International


President - Joshua Dietz
Vice President - Saleh Alaateeqi
Secretary - Morgan Measures
Treasurer - Nicholas Willis
Faculty Advisor - Samuel Ameri

Student Chapter Excellence Award for 2019

The Gold Standard

West Virginia University Student Chapter was awarded the Student Chapter Excellence Award for 2019. This prestigious award, previously known as the Gold Standard, is the second highest honor a student chapter may receive and is awarded to only 20% of student chapters around the world. This award is in recognition of the student chapter's programs in industry engagement, operations and planning, community involvement, professional development, and innovation.